We pride ourselves on the high quality staff, tools, procedures, and experience that we provide in every project.

Here is a Menu of the services Pro Water Treatment Inc, offers to all of our customers.

– Full service water treatment programs for cooling towers, closed loops, & boilers.

– Cooling tower refurbishing, cleanings & disinfections following OSHA guidelines.

– Legionella testing & risk assessment for cooling towers & domestic water lines.

– Domestic water testing & disinfection (Fungal/Bacterial).

– Chemical feed station installation & OHSA Chemical spill prevention containment.

– Side stream filtration.

– Certified laboratory analysis (Metallurgy, Bacterial, Fungal)

– Full service IAQ investigation & testing.

– Mold inspection.

– Infrared thermal imaging inspection.

– Indoor air quality testing – Phase I.

– Certified mold/IAQ risk assessments.

– Certified mold remediation.

– HEPA duct & air conveyance system cleaning.

– HVAC condenser & evaporator coil cleanings.

– Drain pan cleaning, testing & Desinfection.

– Microbiological testing & remediation enzymes (for drain lines, waste/grease traps, & fountains)

– Technical training seminars (Cooling Water/ Boiler Water Treatment, IAQ, Mold, Pesticide, Energy Management)

– HVAC inspection.

“Creating Healthier Building Air & Water Environments”

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